The Healthy Work Vault

A ready-made bank of resources that will help you on your journey to incorporating your longer-term wellbeing goals and deliver ROI

Keep your employees happy & healthy with our Healthy Work Vault

Health, safety and wellbeing is fully ingrained in our philosophy and we want to share it with you at an affordable price, so you can start your wellbeing journey.

As experts in employee wellbeing, we have developed the Healthy Work Vault, packed with everything you need to keep your employees happy, healthy and engaged. Prices start from just £2,950 +VAT and the Vault can be entirely personalised to your company’s branding so can be easily incorporated into your EAP.


Now is the perfect time to start showing your support for your employees by putting their health and wellbeing first.  Not only will it demonstrate that you’re the type of company that wants to take care of their staff, but it will also encourage a wellbeing culture where your employees feel comfortable reaching out.

It’s a simple, yet hugely effective way to to start supporting your employees wellbeing when they might need it most. 



The webinars aim to be positive and inspiring, whilst accepting we are all human and human experience is made up of light and dark. We present new ways to think about and understand our situation, thereby empowering and enabling us with new tools.


Our webinars are aimed at people with normal bad habits that many of us have. We talk about small habit changes, with environmental behavioural nudges, that are sustainable, instead of presenting an idealised image of what an individual can achieve with wholesale change.


Through vast experience and much research, we understand the diverse nature of our audiences. We, therefore, use inclusive language during our webinars to ensure everyone can relate to the content.


Scientific terminology is used sparingly to ensure relatability; however, there is science behind assertions. Every webinar is backed up by a reference list and an action plan.


An outline of the programme and an introduction to the concepts behind the series. 

What is wellbeing/the interaction between our physical and mental health?

Our thoughts are not the truth but how do we stop thinking negative ones?

How can we improve our ability to deal with adversity?

Dealing with traumatic events such as the recent pandemic, understanding the grief process and possibility of post-traumatic growth.

The role perfectionism plays in anxiety, consider self-compassion, vulnerability.

A closer look at psychological safety and macro rather than micromanagement.

A look at positive psychology interventions such as giving, learning, gratitude, positive emotion, hope, humour, spirituality.

Mindfulness is viewed by some as new-age hippy stuff, but there is lots of research showing how it improves cognition as well as mental health. It can enable us to deal with the stresses and strains of life much more effectively.

A structure to talk to someone struggling with mental distress, which enables us to support them without trying to solve their problem.

Our thoughts and behaviours are habits! Taking responsibility for ourselves and our lives involves thinking about how we can tweak those that don’t serve us – we look at the latest research into how.

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