Sylvia Fielding

Sylvia has written and published her own book called ‘The Agony of Apostrophes’ and is a Queen of Grammar

Kerrie Brindle

As a Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Kerrie teaches the 2-day Adult course for The Healthy Work Company.

Ian Kershaw

Ian Kershaw

Ian has had a meditation and mindfulness practice since his days at University and is formally qualified to teach to others.

Sarah Wilsher

HWC Sarah Wilsher

Sarah is a Procurement Specialist by trade but following redundancies she re-trained as a Transformational Coach.

Lis Cashin

Lis is passionate and empathetic, with excellent communication skills. She loves to learn and grow and to help others do the same

Richard Bowman

Richard manages employee satisfaction online quantitative research surveys and has an extensive background in market research

David Whiting

David is passionate about reducing the stigma around mental health, particularly in those sectors in which there’s a reluctance to openly discuss the subject.

Andrea Newton

Andrea was one of the very first tutors in the UK to qualify in Suicide Intervention

Natasha Seromenho

In March 2017 Natasha returned to work again with Heather Beach as Operations Manager for the Healthy Work Company.

Rocky Beach

Rocky considers himself a one-man wolf pack. Occasionally mistaken for a desk lamp due to the cone of shame #grassseedssuck How Rocky describes himself:  Woof, woof, woof Superpowers: Escapeeism Strengths: Rocky is extremely social and befriends every other 4-legged furball he meets on his walks (and their two-legged counterparts) Random Fact: Barks when asked to […]

Heather Beach

Heather Beach is the founder and director of The Healthy Work Company. A former director of a FTSE 250 company she has post graduate certificates in Positive Psychology and Relational Organisational Gestalt and is certified as a lead implementor for BS 45001 by British Standards.