Sylvia Fielding

How Sylvia describes herself: Questioning, considerate, empathetic Superpowers:  Sylvia has written and published her own book called ‘The Agony of Apostrophes’ and is a Queen of Grammar Strengths: Given her superpowers, it comes as no surprise that Sylvia is an excellent proofreader and copywriter Random Fact: In her spare time Sylvia plays French Horn in a […]

Kerrie Brindle

How Kerrie describes herself: Active, fun, honest Superpowers:  Kerrie is super fit and even though the marathon she was signed up for cancelled owing to Covid, she decided to run it on her own locally! Strengths: Kerrie has a positive outlook on everything in life, which is a great asset to have as a trainer […]

David Whiting

How David describes himself: Thoughtful, approachable, positive Superpowers:  Fighting fires and running; marathons, up hills, along trails…you name it, he runs it! Strengths: David is often praised for being approachable and understanding, the perfect combination for being an Associate Instructor! Random Fact: David, like Sylvia, is a stickler for grammar and often likes to correct […]

Richard Bowman

How Richard describes himself: Smiley, nerdy, happy Superpowers: Finding simplicity and structure amongst chaos, Richard tells stories from data & empowers those who aren’t so data-savvy Strengths: Interpreting data Random Fact: Richard is the boy that never grew up!  He plays guitar (yet another band member!), can solve a Rubik’s cube, his favourite film is […]

Natasha Seromenho

How Tash describes herself:  Trustworthy, fun & modest Superpowers:  World Champion Gold Medal Winner in Shore Fishing (how amazing?!) Strengths: Tash is often praised for being able to turn her hand to anything she applies herself to and loves nothing more than getting her teeth stuck into a spreadsheet & formula Random Fact: You may find […]

Rocky Beach

Rocky considers himself a one-man wolf pack. Occasionally mistaken for a desk lamp due to the cone of shame #grassseedssuck How Rocky describes himself:  Woof, woof, woof Superpowers: Escapeeism Strengths: Rocky is extremely social and befriends every other 4-legged furball he meets on his walks (and their two-legged counterparts) Random Fact: Barks when asked to […]

Heather Beach

Heather Beach is the founder and Director of the Healthy Work Company. A former director of a FTSE 250 company, she has studied Applied Positive Psychology and is currently studying Relational Organisational Gestalt. A key influencer in the health and safety sector, Heather founded Women in Health and Safety and has been featured in numerous […]