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How to sell wellbeing to the C-Suite

Follow our 3-part strategy to turn your wellbeing programmes into a central organising principle.


Employee wellbeing enables core business objectives. In the UK alone, health costs are typically the largest people expense after salary and yet an abundance data shows that high employee well-being boosts engagement, lowers turnover and absenteeism, improves customer service and product quality, and leads to higher profits, and even higher shareholder value.

Yet, despite the evidence, many boards still see employee wellbeing as merely a nice thing to do.


So how can you help?


Educate and persuade your board that employee well-being is worth their time and investment.

Present wellbeing in simple terms.

Explain that, unlike wellness programs that focus on losing weight, quitting smoking and lowering blood pressure, well-being goes further by focusing on both physical health and other drivers of employee well-being such as job satisfaction, financial stability, and mental health issues like stress and depression.

Use some stats below to help you present your case – courtesy of Barbour.

Societal and ethical

– Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide

– Suicide is the leading cause of death for men under 50.

Productivity and engagement

– 49% of all working days lost to ill health related to stress

– 12.5m days lost. Cost to employers – £16bn

– Mental wellbeing and engagement at work are inextricably linked.


– The Health and Safety at Work Act says that employers have a legal duty to protect employees from stress at work by doing a risk assessment and acting on it

– Equalities Act 2010 includes penalties for Disability Discrimination (long term mental ill health can be classified as a disability.


Present quick wins where well-being can meet immediate goals and challenges and crucially deliver ROI.


Sign-up to our Healthy Work Vault and access a ready-made bank of resources that will help you on your journey to incorporating your longer-term wellbeing goals and deliver ROI.


– The Vault is a series of 12 inspiring (15-20 minute) recorded webinars each aimed at explaining a theory which has relevance to maintaining mental health and improving resilience. We suggest you release one per week.

– Downloadable PDFs for reference, and a personal action plan from each webinar.

– Optional 90-minute coaching sessions after every two sessions to look at personal action plans and current challenges.

–   The Vault can be entirely personalised to your company’s branding so can be easily incorporated into your EAP.


Use these wins as a launchpad for increasing support for comprehensive well-being programs that deliver longer-term, results.


Now that you’ve connected well-being to bottom-line issues, brainstorm with the board to consider how well-being could help lower these numbers over the next year. Show how taking the first steps of enacting a well-being initiate are not only worth the time and investment but worthy of board support.

Discuss the costs of implementing a first phase well-being program – The Healthy Work Vault is just £2,950

To maximise your quick wins, Phase I should coincide with other programs that can start immediately and are designed to achieve short-term ROI by turnover and boosting employee engagement.

With this in mind, we have designed a new Healthy Work programme for Managers to give them the knowledge, tools and support to keep their teams thriving.

BUT DONT FORGET… that employee well-being is a long-term strategy. It needs to become central to the company mission, management decisions, and operating processes with the goal of cultivating a supportive workplace culture that permanently reduces turnover, increases engagement and results in better customer service.

If you would like to know more about any of programmes or find out how you can quickly access our Vault to get the ball rolling, click here to contact the team.

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