Our partnerships are incredibly carefully chosen. We only work with organisations whose integrity and values match our own and who we believe provide complementary services. If you are looking for a wellbeing service which we don’t provide and is not available through our partners below, please do drop Heather a line as she may be able to help you with a contact.



information services

This Barbour EHS Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) package now contains a wellbeing service to complement the information, advice and guidance on the full extent of topics a health and safety professional needs to improve decision making, understand complex information areas, reduce risk and manage projects.


With wellbeing increasingly being understood as a corporate risk, IIRSM is an educational charity and professional body for those managing risk in all of its forms.

health and safety competency frameworks

It takes more than technical expertise to succeed in purposeful roles, but there’s a shortage of individuals with the skills to effectively drive change and deliver business outcomes.

Acre Frameworks is a ground-breaking assessment and development solution designed to tackle this skill gap head-on.

Research consultancy & service provider

Xanthis are thought leaders in mental health, preventative cCBT, health informatics and stress management.manage emotions, maximising health through the early detection and management of mental health problems.

Specialist in crisis, disaster and trauma-focused mental health care

SafeHaven are a UK-based specialist in crisis, disaster and trauma-focused mental health care, providing services to local, national and international organisations. All their services are lead by mental health professionals experienced in trauma-focused care; including policy development, workplace training, on-call response teams and tele-health support.


Hastam are thought leaders in HSE strategy, management systems and leadership. We champion risk management to drive positive change for both employee and organisational wellbeing.