Preventing & Managing Burnout

This course trains delegates to recognise the signs of burnout, to understand the risk factors, and to prevent and recover from it.

SFA Lite – Suicide First Aid

Understand more about what might cause a person to have thoughts of suicide and feel more confident to be able to make a positive intervention to help them stay safe.

SFA – Understanding Suicide Intervention

Understand more about what might cause a person to have thoughts of suicide and practice the skills and approach to make a positive difference through suicide intervention conversations and safety planning.

The Basics of Sleep – Part One

Good sleep can transform our wellbeing. This short training explains why and will help address those areas within our control, which can bring us better sleep.

Healthy Habit Building for Success

Habits are key to our health and wellbeing with our brain creating short-cuts which don’t always serve us. Learn how to painlessly create habits for success.

Conversations for Wellbeing Programme

This programme gives confidence to participants in supporting the mental health of a colleague or peer in the workplace as well as the basics of self-care and resilience.

MHFA England 1-Day

Healthy Work Company

Empower your organisation to deliver on your wellbeing strategy by building a network of MHFA Champions.

MHFA England 2-Day

Healthy Work Company

Learn how to identify, understand and help those who may be experiencing a mental health issue at work.

Better Conversations for Wellbeing

For anyone who wants to get better at having a conversation to empathise and signpost further support with someone struggling with their mental health.