What is Financial Wellbeing?

Financial Wellbeing is understanding your relationship with money so that you can manage this in a way that increases happiness and confidence, rather than create stress and anxiety. 

Avoiding Loneliness

Post Traumatic Growth

Loneliness is a risk factor comparable to smoking, obesity, and high blood pressure. In this webinar we discuss the importance of social relationships and how to create confidence to build social connections.

The Basics of Sleep – Part One

Good sleep can transform our wellbeing. This short training explains why and will help address those areas within our control, which can bring us better sleep.

The Healthy Work Resilience Programme

The Healthy Work Company new programme Oct 2020

The Healthy Work Resilience Programme aims to educate your teams on all of the different systems that lead to your individuals’ resilience. Available as lunch ‘n’learns, workshops or videos