Should Mental Health First Aiders be qualified?

Healthy Work Company

In light of renewed calls for Mental Health First Aid to be a legal requirement, whatever you think of the proposal, Heather Beach raises questions over whether it should not at least be a qualification Should Mental Health First Aiders be qualified? What seems a very long time ago, a senior health and safety friend […]

Resilience in Tough Times – Barbour ABI blog

Read Barbour ABI’s latest blog, written by our very own Heather Beach – ‘Resilience in Tough Times’. “I am an irascible, impatient, ambitious perfectionist with tendencies to workaholism. I am also a wellbeing professional. I work with organisations to look at the systemic and cultural piece they need to be aware of in order to […]

Designing the future of Women in H&S network

Brought to you by Heather Beach of the Healthy Work Company and Informa’s SHP. The Women in Health & Safety network has over 2,500 members and has held around 50 physical events around the UK aimed at bringing together the growing number of females in what has been a traditionally male environment. A new committee was appointed […]

We launch our NEW Healthy Work programme

Connection in difficult times… At the Healthy Work Company, we have watched the professionals in our communities working incredibly hard, partnerships emerging between health and safety and HR, and a new appreciation of the importance of safeguarding our wellbeing emerging. (As well as a new appreciation for what health and safety professionals actually do!) Research […]

Safety differently to business differently?

Simon Bown is Head of Health and Safety for London Luton Airport. Luton directly employs around 750 staff, indirectly 9,400 and sees almost 16 million travellers a year. Luton Airport is arguably the most mature adoption of Safety Differently exemplified in the UK and Simon is passionate about the approach. Here Simon talks to Heather […]