The one thing you can do to improve workplace wellbeing

As someone who has been a manager of people for most of my career, I know how difficult it is for managers to start a conversation with someone struggling.  Whilst in the world of mental health and wellbeing, we have done lots of work de-stigmatising mental illness, often what managers will be dealing with, will […]

Could ISO 45003 help us with our approach to wellbeing?

The Healthy Work Company new programme Oct 2020

As a professional responsible for wellbeing you will know that any cultural change needs leading from the top and a standards-based approach means you have to get strategic buy in from your senior team for your strategy.  If your organisation is one which appreciates standards as an approach to management,  then the approach suggested by […]

Should I put mental health first aid in place?

If you have not put mental health first aid in place yet and are not sure whether to or not, we created this decision making tool to support organisations: First Aid for Mental Health Toolkit Whilst this toolkit refers to the course which we run with Highfield Qualifications (a global qualification in First Aid for Mental Health), these […]

Should Mental Health First Aiders be qualified?

Healthy Work Company

In light of renewed calls for Mental Health First Aid to be a legal requirement, whatever you think of the proposal, Heather Beach raises questions over whether it should not at least be a qualification Should Mental Health First Aiders be qualified? What seems a very long time ago, a senior health and safety friend […]

Women in Health & Safety Network launches new mailing list and workstreams

Women in Health & Safety

Women in Health & Safety Committee meets to set out plans for 2021. The Women in Health and Safety Committee has met to set out its plans for 2021, which includes a series of workstreams, designed to help promote equality and amplify the voices of women in the profession. A new mailing list has also […]

Resilience in Tough Times – Barbour ABI blog

Read Barbour ABI’s latest blog, written by our very own Heather Beach – ‘Resilience in Tough Times’. “I am an irascible, impatient, ambitious perfectionist with tendencies to workaholism. I am also a wellbeing professional. I work with organisations to look at the systemic and cultural piece they need to be aware of in order to […]

Designing the future of Women in H&S network

Brought to you by Heather Beach of the Healthy Work Company and Informa’s SHP. The Women in Health & Safety network has over 2,500 members and has held around 50 physical events around the UK aimed at bringing together the growing number of females in what has been a traditionally male environment. A new committee was appointed […]

We launch our NEW Healthy Work programme

Connection in difficult times… At the Healthy Work Company, we have watched the professionals in our communities working incredibly hard, partnerships emerging between health and safety and HR, and a new appreciation of the importance of safeguarding our wellbeing emerging. (As well as a new appreciation for what health and safety professionals actually do!) Research […]

Mental Health First Aid – Regulation Changes

The end of 2018 was a whirlwind in the world of mental health training, as Heather Beach from The Healthy Work Company explains to SHP Online. The biggest material change over the last few weeks has been HSE announcing a change to the first aid guidance to include suitable and sufficient mental health training. Whilst […]

INTERVIEW – Mental health and lone working

By Mark Glover Heather Beach discusses the impact lone working can have on mental health and looks at the social isolation many lone workers may face. Do we need to re-think the definition of lone-working? Heather Beach thinks so. “I don’t think the term actually means much outside of health and safety.” the founder and […]

It’s OK not to be OK. But how do we make people OK?

For, The Healthy Work Company’s Heather Beach looks at supporting people’s mental health in construction. With men making up the vast majority of the construction industry, a fair conclusion is that it is male behaviours around mental health that most need to be tackled: by training people in non-judgmental listening and saying it is […]

Tackling suicide in construction

‘Construction workers are six times more likely to die from suicide than a fall from height’ A panel discussed mental health, depression and suicide in construction at Safety & Health Expo at London’s Excel. Martin Coyd, Head of Health and Safety for Construction at Mace and David Cornberg, Technical Director at Capita, joined The Healthy […]

Safety differently to business differently?

Simon Bown is Head of Health and Safety for London Luton Airport. Luton directly employs around 750 staff, indirectly 9,400 and sees almost 16 million travellers a year. Luton Airport is arguably the most mature adoption of Safety Differently exemplified in the UK and Simon is passionate about the approach. Here Simon talks to Heather […]

Your organisation and the law – mental health and stress

Unless you were under a stone recently, you will have been aware that it was Mental Health Awareness Week and that several of the charities involved are calling for a change in the law, so that it becomes a legal requirement for organisations to have mental health as well as physical first aiders. Heather Beach from […]

New appointment for The Healthy Work Company – Lauren Applebey

The Healthy Work Company is pleased to announce that Lauren Applebey has now joined the company as Training Manager and Coach. Lauren has worked in occupational health, safety and wellbeing for 12 years, originally in construction as a health and safety consultant, moving to UBM for Barbour-EHS in 2008 as an editor and content developer. […]

Mental Health for Health and Safety Professionals

– Alastair Campbell announced as keynote speaker   The Healthy Work Company, together with Professor Tim Marsh, is delighted to announce that Alastair Campbell is to be one of three keynote speakers on 11th May at their inaugural conference. The conference, taking place at the BMA in London, is intended to leave participants inspired to manage […]